The Sky’s the Limit

I will drop everything and run to get the best view of a cloud display. They call to me to paint them, teasing with their ever-changing forms and subtle colors.

Summer Beach Scenes

The beach is where I feel most me and most free. Painting it is the best way I have found to release the song in my heart into the world.

In Celebration of Trees

I am drawn to trees as a subject because of their grace and integrity. I feel I can learn more about my life by studying theirs.

More Landscapes

I am also inspired by other local landscapes. Nothing says Saugatuck like  a sailboat race in Lake Kalamazoo! 

Easel on Down the Road

In 2013 I began an adventure to paint a landscape in each state. Just over 3 years later, I achieved my goal… and then some.


A monotype is a print made from painting on a plate (zinc, plexiglass or other) and pressing it together with paper, in my case, using an etching press to do so. The resulting, one-of-a-kind image is often a big surprise.


My bag of watercolor supplies is almost always with me. I pull them out when I want to quickly paint my whereabouts. They are a fun record of where I’ve been.

Still Life

When the cold of winter keeps me inside, I like to continue to paint from real life.